September 03, 2007

Reloaded is just my speed today

I've been going through an inarticulate phase, which you can see as a multi-month gap in the blog archives on this site. Sometimes I do my thinking by writing and working in public, and sometimes I do my thinking more privately. I'm trying to go with this, rather than feeling like a failed blogger when it happens. There are a lot of gaps in the history of this website, but I always seem to come back eventually.

A lot of this current inarticulate phase has been spent reading the One Tenacious Baby Mama blog. This week she put out a call for voluntary contributions to a link anthology of "reloaded" posts-- old stuff you wrote that you still like, in the realm of radical political analysis. On the one hand, digging through old posts is just my speed right now, since I haven't been doing much new writing. On the other hand, part of the reason I haven't been writing is because I've been doing a lot of reading, thinking and mental upgrading, so everything I write feels outdated the second I commit it to letters. Furthermore, I don't know if there is anything on this site that you could properly categorize as radical analysis... there are some radical instincts in here, at best.

This call for submissions felt like a good opportunity but one that was likely to be pretty embarrassing. That's total catnip to me, so I sent along my post about the concept of safer sex and why I prefer to think of it as sex safety.

The final list of contributions looks pretty meaty. I like Darkdaughta's intro to it, where she talks about problematizing the contributions. Yes, there are problems, but there is lots of value to be found by considering the problems. Bueno. That is the spirit in which I contributed, so I feel happy about this context. Thanks, dd, for writing a smart intro that adds value to all the contributions.

There will be another reload next week, so consider sending something for the collection. Here's this week's result:

Sunday 2, 2007

From Darkdaughta:

Reloaded will be happening every Sunday. So, if you or any blogger you know has an old post they really liked the first time around, something thick or difficult that they'd like to have circulate through the blogosphere again, just get in contact with me. Thanks.

Fingers goes...

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