June 12, 2007

Me and menstrual activists on CFUV

You can listen to me on the radio tomorrow night! I’ll be discussing “the benefits of talking about your body and your cycle” as part of a special on menstrual activism presented by the The Women’s Radio Collective at the University of Victoria. I will have to dig up my “Ask me about radical menstruation” stickers for the occasion.

  • “Women on Air” program presents “Bleeding Out Loud,” a special on menstrual activism.
  • June 13 (Wednesday), 5–6 pm.
  • Listen at 101.9 FM in Victoria, or live online at cfuv.uvic.ca in the rest of the world.

Also on the show tomorrow night: cycle charting, new research from the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research and CeMCOR, zines, herbal advice, menstrual suppression, alternative menstrual products, movie reviews, and resources. That’s a lot!

Partway through the show, I’ll be running off to help host a screening and discussion of Celebrating Orgasm, Betty Dodson’s instructional DVD about women’s masturbation. Event details in the last post. We’ve got about 30 40 people on the RSVP list; it should be a fun discussion!

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