April 17, 2007

Two conferences coming up

I’ll be talking about sexuality at two upcoming conferences (different topics too, so you can come to both!). Final programs and times have not been confirmed, but if you’ll be in Vancouver on these dates, you can pencil me in.

May 24-26: Feminisms conference

Logo for Feminisms conference

Iíll be presenting about DIY sex education (an updated version of the talk I gave in March). My friends Robin and Lola from the Anti-Violence Project at the University of Victoria will be presenting about sex-positive ways to work against sexualized violence, which I’m looking forward to.

Feminisms is hosted by the Vancouver Feminist Action Project, with the goal of sharing knowledge and experience between activists, academics, students and other feminist groups. Itís cheap— $15 each day if you register by April 30!

June 7-9: Menstrual Cycle Research conference

Logo for Society for Menstrual Cycle Research

I will be giving a talk about genital self-esteem— pornography, puberty, plastic surgery, etc— at the 16th Biennial Meeting of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, at UBC in Vancouver.

This will be an updated version of a similar talk about labia angst and ideal vulvas that I gave last October, to introduce a screening of the movie Petals.

This is a multidisciplinary conference covering new research and ideas about the menstrual-ovulatory cycle and women’s health and sexuality. Early registration deadline is May 1.

If you’re there, say hi!

As always (at the occasional conference and also on the bus, etc), I’ll have buttons to give out and I like to talk to you!

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