March 28, 2007

Link dump: ecology, ejaculation, evolution

Sometimes the links I dump are really “old.” Things I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks, or longer. This used to make me feel like a bad blogger, but today I’ve decided I do this for a reason and it’s ok with me. I like contemplation; I like to sit on things and see if they are still interesting in a couple of days; I like to point out good things for another round of attention; I support following curiosity as it comes and goes. I’m not in this, really, for novelty, although I can still appreciate a perfect blog-zen moment.

OK, group hug, and on to the links!

  • Green sex explained by Umbra Fisk at I love that she gets right to the major priorities: it’s ok that condoms aren’t recyclable because they prevent babies and that is the most ecologically beneficial thing you could ever do. But she’s better at navigating all the disclaimers about the value of babies.
  • Female ejaculation tips from Tracey at The T-Spot (have I mentioned her enough lately?). “When orgasming, bear down, especially if you feel like something is going to come out. Don’t be afraid of peeing yourself. If you do, meh, at least you did it in the name of sexual adventure!”
  • Evolution of the vagina, from the ever-wonderful Pharyngula. Hard details plus happy jokes.
  • Who’s afraid of Gardasil? Karen Houppert (erstwhile tampon industry critic) covers the marketing of the new vaccine against cervical cancer.

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