March 22, 2007

Celebrating Yoni and Sexy Labia

I’ve just added Celebrating Yoni to my vagina picture links. They have about thirty positive photos of vulvas of different shapes (and grooming styles), posed with flowers and other natural props (even a live snake!).

My favourite photo shows a soft- and furry-looking vulva, without any special organic accompaniment. It reminds me a bit of the labial piercing photo that SNJacobsen contributed to the Vaginal Arts & Crafts zine.

A few people have also pointed out the Sexy Labia site, which promotes labia love but is quite pornographic. Their positive attitude is pretty heteronormative and focussed on using men’s approval to validate your body image, but it’s at least nice to see they’re making an effort to promote pride in full, mature labia. I get a lot of email from women who are worried that their large labia are deformed or stretched (they aren’t!), and I know that just seeing photos of similar vulvas can ease those worries. I try to keep my picture list porn-free, though, so this is a blog-only link.

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