March 19, 2007

Emergency contraception info updated

Having noticed I had a dead link, I updated my page about emergency contraception (morning after pills). Sort of.

I added links to up-to-date info on the modern methods, and to Not-2-Late, a great website that can help you find EC in your area (in the US). And I did add that random EC-related video, which I find enjoyable.

But I left most of the original page intact— the parts about my experience taking the morning after pill, that I wrote in 2000, when I was 20. Have you recently read anything you wrote seven years ago? It’s embarrassing. But I try to preserve my old pages when I update them, because I haven’t figured out a real plan for archiving them permanently. I don’t want to make all the old links to those pages irrelevant, by changing or deleting information the links refer to. But then, I want to update the information.

This is a really common problem with websites that were built before the content-management revolution, the non-blogs and non-wikis. I deal with this with my web design clients a lot— I actually like making sense of gnarly old masses of information and figuring out a system for keeping it archived and up-to-date in the future.

But until I get around to updating the current code around here (which I’ve been rocking since 2004, yikes!), this is what you get. You get my seven year old diary entries mashed up with new links, with some of the more egregious grammatical ticks taken out. (I used to be so confused by the quantities of people who would write me and assume I was British. “You sound British! And please send me a picture of your vagina.” I was apparently blind to my fondness for words like “methinks.”)

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