March 12, 2007

I'm excited for S.E.X.

Heather Corinna, author of S.E.X. Sex activist and artist Heather Corinna has an exciting book coming out in April!

S.E.X: Spelling Out All You Need to Know About Your Sexuality is her huge, healthy sexuality guide for youth, which draws on her years of experience as an educator, activist, and editor of the fabulous sex education website Scarleteen.

Heather’s approach is very thorough. I know she can be counted on for a super-inclusive, all-genders, all-orientations, sex-positive, youth-empowering viewpoint, and discussions that go far beyond the usual STDs, birth control and body parts.

Heather’s blog entries about the book have covered social constructions of virginity, critiques of abusive behaviours masquerading as romance, and gems like this:

[It’s] a book that tries to talk about cunnilingus and fisting AND talk about anorexia, abuse, cohabitation and not acting like a dope just because you have a big crush. A book that— I hope— sends a clear message that when it comes to sexuality, strong individuality, a down-to-earth attitude and self-esteem is king.

S.E.X. is available for pre-order on Amazon. Consider picking up an extra copy for your nearest library, school or family with teenagers.

I secured a signed copy by donating $76 to Scarleteen’s spring fundraising drive. Scarleteen is the most common resource I suggest to people who email me with questions that aren’t answered on this site, so I was happy to partake of their gift offer.

If you care about accurate sexual health resources (or Heather’s advocacy work in the US and online), consider sending some cash Scarleteen’s way. They deserve it, and they’re still giving away signed copies of S.E.X.

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