February 16, 2007

George Lakoff on progressive family values

In this video, progressive theorist George Lakoff of the Rockridge Institute talks about progressive and conservative family values and parenting strategies.

It’s a great overview of Lakoff’s political theories for progressive people in the audience, with lots of specific references if you’re interested in parenting itself. The video covers the disastrous effects conservative authoritarian parenting has on kids, as well as the connections between nurturant family values and progressive politics.

I’m looking forward to future videos from Rockridge, even though they look to be less vagina-related (except in the sense that vaginas benefit from progressive politics in inumerable ways). I really enjoyed his recent book, Thinking Points, even though it has the ugliest cover I have seen in a long time. (Since his last book, Don’t Think of An Elephant!, I believe. Oh well.)

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