February 15, 2007

Lost Girls: stunning erotic graphic novel

pages from Lost Girls

I’ve just posted a very gushy review of Lost Girls, the erotic graphic novel by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie about Alice (of Wonderland), Dorothy (of Oz) and Wendy (of Neverland). This book made me cry with delight. A first, for a book. It’s epic, emotionally.

This huge pornographic box-set of a comic book came out six months ago, but I only got my hands on it this week. It was briefly banned in Canada (then cleared with such a glowing report from Canada Customs that Alan Moore reportedly joked about quoting it on the book jacket for the next edition), was constantly sold out, and finally arrived under my post-holiday radar.

That last bit still surprises me— loverman described me as “the girl who is always in here asking about Lost Girls” and the comic shop owner knew who he meant.

But there you go: the first thing I’ve been compelled to review in many months. Check out the preview art on Amazon.com and see if it might rock your world too.

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