December 04, 2006

Hanne Blank wants your menstrual essays

Hanne Blank, editor

Historian, sex activist and writer-editor extraordinaire Hanne Blank (Virgin: The Untouched History, Big Big Love...) has just posted a call for submissions of essays about menstruation.

You've got until March 2007 to send her your non-memoir nonfiction!


Breakthrough Bleeding: Essays on The Thing Women Spend A Quarter Of Their Time Doing, But No One's Supposed To Talk About

Edited by Hanne Blank and Moira Russell

FINALLY, a book that isn't afraid of a little blood!

Between puberty and menopause, most women spend close to a quarter of their lives dealing with menstruation. But except for coming-of-age stories and the occasional Stephen King novel, all this spilled blood hardly creates a blip on the cultural radar. It's as if someone has removed it all with a super-duper magic cleanser— ironic, considering what the rest of us go through to get the stains out.

Breakthrough Bleeding is here to change all that. Thoughtful, challenging, political, and maybe even sexy, this collection of essays looks at menstruation from the inside and the outside, a super-maxi size dose of heavy-thinkin' menstrual mojo.

We are looking for essays and creative nonfiction that analyze, question, and explore all aspects of menstruation and menstruation culture.

Writers whose work is included in the book will receive a cash honorarium (amount TBD) and two copies of the book.

Deadline for all submissions is March 20, 2007.

Lots more details on Hanne Blank's blog.

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