November 30, 2006

Lunapads has a fab blog

The intrepid activist-entrepreneurs (and sponsors) over at Lunapads have got a great blog going on. They've been posting stories and testimonials from people who have bought their reusable menstrual products, as well as news about menstruation, running a small business, birth and mothering, relevant books, and all kinds of vagina-friendly events.

I love my period If you dig the Lunablog, they even have a variety of cute badges you can use to show your love, like I'm doing now. They update a lot more often than I do these days, too!

I finally met Madeleine and Suzanne this past weekend in Vancouver, and besides being lovely people and treating me to inspiring conversation, they gave me a pair of Lunapanties.

While I was on the pill and having super-light periods, I got on the "black underwear" system of dealing with menstrual flow. AKA being very lazy, or free bleeding. Lunapanties are basically deluxe black underwear (also available in white, if that's more your style), for lazy menstruators like myself. I am pretty excited to put them to use.

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