November 16, 2006


Pete over at pointed me to his family's "guh-lossary" of words that rhyme with vagina. Their motivation is fairly common:

As the parents of four daughters (pick yourselves up, you heard me right... try to keep the karma comments to a minimum) Donna and I decided early on that we would need a less clinical term when referring to... ahem... a girl's... umm... junk.

I have to say two things about this list.

(1) Ha ha ha! And (2) if I were the parent of four daughters, I think I'd make more of an effort to recognise the non-sexual merits of vaginas. But then, if I lived in Utah, I'd probably make more of an effort to be vulgar, just to balance out the neighbours, so who knows what my own guh-lossary would look like in the end.

My favourites:

Fuh-gyna: A romantic vagina.
After the candlelit dinner we took a carriage ride through the park. It was then I proposed to her and softly stroked her fuh-gyna.
Vuh-gyna : Antiquated medical term for the guh-gyna.
The handsome doctor used his speculum to gaze deep into her vuh-gyna.

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