April 29, 2006

New male contraception information

Old condom package: 'Durex prevents nervous strain' Here’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you about for a few weeks: there is all new information over at MaleContraceptives.org.

They’ve radically expanded their coverage of male contraceptive methods, including experimental methods, activism, how to get into a clinical trial for new male birth control methods, and lots of interesting discussion and news.

Ever since I first heard about RISUG, I’ve been especially interested in the implications of more effective, more available birth control methods in the developing world. Male-controlled birth control methods (i.e., condoms, withdrawal and vasectomies) are significantly less common in developing countries than in the developed world, and at least part of that is due to failings of individual methods. Vasectomies require access to a skilled doctor, for example. New methods are still experimental, but I like to ponder the potential of something cheap, effective and accessible like RISUG.

(The photo of the vintage condom package is from Lesley Hall’s collected condom pictures.)

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