February 08, 2006

To do in Victoria: Date-rape play

Meghan Gardiner in Dissolve The annual February full of sex-related events is in full-swing by now. I’ll post more later to help you find your Valentine’s erotica, your V-Day against violence performances of The Vagina Monologues, National Sexual and Reproductive Health Day activities on Feb 12 (new to me), etc.

For now, something a little different for folks here in Victoria. This comes via my friend Robin and the Anti-Violence Project:

The Anti-Violence Project is presenting a one-woman performance of “Dissolve” next Thursday and Friday. It’s pretty hard to write promo for a show about date-rape drugs that doesn’t totally sound like a high school life-skills presentation, but from eye-witness accounts, this show is actually quite striking and moving and probably worth seeing even if you’re not particularly inclined towards watching plays about social issues.

The specifics:

Dissolve, by Meghan Gardiner

  • Thurs, Feb 16
    4pm - UVic Campus View Room (Cadboro Commons bldg)
    8pm - UVic David Lam Auditorium (MacLaurin bldg)
  • Fri, Feb 17
    4pm - UVic Campus View Room (Cadboro Commons bldg)
    8pm - UVic David Lam Auditorium (MacLaurin bldg)

Map of UVic. Cadboro Commons is about 2 o'clock outside the ring road, and MacLaurin is about 8 o'clock inside it.

The phrase “drug induced rape” shows up in some of the marketing copy for this play. I’m sure that’s a common description, but I find it strange and backwards, as if rapists are the ones being induced. Should it be called drug-assisted rape? Terminology is impossible. I don’t want to invent the term “rape assistant,” because I should not be getting the absurd idea that it sounds like a secretarial position.

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