November 15, 2005

Helping you hide your nakedness...

It's All About My Vagina (t-shirt)T-shirts are back! Now in stock, for sale, with free shipping as always, are two sassy shirts for vagina fans.

The free MP3s and craft instructions and so on are still here. The S.T.Demon boardgame is still out of print, although you can print the demons for your own purposes.

I took all the “for sale” items out of the shop at the end of August and never really explained why. It was a silly reason, involving paperwork and applications and the idea that I might close my little vagina business.

I’m happy to be back to t-shirts as usual. Thanks to the couple of enterprising folks who mailed me paper cheques in their determination to buy t-shirts in the mean time!

Comments always welcome.

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