November 09, 2005

Outside call for artists

Art from The Dirty Show 2005 The organizers of The Dirty Show in Detroit asked me to post their international call for artist submissions for their seventh annual erotic art show. I'm happy to promote underground erotic art!

“The Dirty Show, one of the wildest erotic art exhibits in the world has been called ‘The largest erotic art event in America’. Last year over 250 artists showed their work to thousands of art lovers over a four-day event which has been described as ‘Detroit’s largest and most successful art event’ by the Detroit Metro Times. This year, Artists working in all media are invited and all artistic styles are considered.”

The submission deadline is December 1, 2005.

Non-submitting patrons take note: the show itself will be February 4–14, 2006. (You probably could have guessed the date if I gave you two chances, eh? Erotic art event? Valentine’s or May Day.)

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