August 17, 2005

Pill quitter’ report: a silent period

My sensationless hormone-vacuum continues! I have decided to count this oddball cycle as a bonus. I don’t really understand how I can be bleeding with no side-effects or sensations at all, but I guess it’s ok with me.

My body feels totally neutral every day, every day, every day, but the 28-day calibration of my actual hormonal/menstrual events is holding. Metaphors for this that have crossed my mind:

  • Essential services only during the strike.
  • My abdominal organs are living in an alternate dimension, and my cervix is the interdimensional portal (and I’m a big dork, but I knew that).
  • My uterus and I are having a casual relationship for awhile. Maybe we’ll go steady again later, and have more detailed communication.
  • Trade embargo involving estrogen. Ovaries and uterus are hoarding.
  • My hormone cycle has gone underground to plan the revolution.
  • etc.

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