August 17, 2005

More muff art

My collected vagina pictures are pretty heavy on the anatomy of vulvas. I think these funny little Valentines are a good counterpoint, showing mostly pubic hair. (I like a lot of the other illustrations at Sex Pigeon, too.)

I remember being surprised when I first started collecting links to images, that the focus was all on labia and anatomy and the view of a would-be cunnilingist. After five years of collecting other people’s pictures, I still usually think of the shape of pubic hair when I envision women’s genitals. It’s the view I see most often. So. It’s about time I added more muff pictures.

If the expressive Valentines inspire new styling plans, be sure to check out the pubic art tips in the Arts & Crafts zine, and these fairly comprehensive and reasonably positive body-shaving tips (for both women and men!).

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