August 13, 2005

Pill quitter’s report: ovaries, are you awake?

To recap: I quit taking birth control at the end of June, and my first pill-free cycle went like clockwork.

Now I seem to be in limbo. My hormones feel static, judging by bodily symptoms. Nothing is swollen, nothing is bloated, nothing is oily, nothing is moody. Perhaps my body is living out my worst case pill-quitter’s scenario: hoarding blood for months and building up to a violent revenge period.

It has occurred to me that my body might feel static not because I’ve gone into hormonal hibernation, but because my own hormones have always been less dramatic than the synthetic ones. Maybe my ovaries are working away, but their subtle projects are undetectable to me after years of observing only the oafish overkill tactics used by birth control pills.

I hope I haven’t lost the touch. I’ve always been able to predict my periods within a day or so based on abdominal sensations. I’d hate to have to re-learn that.

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