May 26, 2005

Pills ruin sex forever? reports that pill use may decrease a woman's sex drive... forever.

“Until now, any sexual dysfunction, including loss of libido, muted or non-existent orgasms or painful intercourse, was thought to be reversible when women stopped taking the drug.”

The effects are due to inhibition of testosterone production, and increase in SHBG, a substance that “takes [testosterone] out of play.”

I wonder whether the next round of oral contraceptives will contain testosterone, to balance out the estrogens and progestins, which are already attempting to balance each other.

I like when the body reveals itself to be more complex than the models scientists have built of it. I like to think of it as soup, rather than independent systems.

Still, it is depressing to consider permanent side effects now that I've finally gotten comfortable taking the pill. I suppose I'll just get uncomfortable again.

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