May 02, 2005

Face to Face with Discharge

Michelle informs me she has a vaginal discharge art project, in which she blogs what appear to be scans of her dirty underwear.

I’m generally in favour of this sort of exhibitionism, because it so quickly reveals itself as educational. There are only a half dozen posts in that blog, and already one is about people who believe “vaginas dry out when they are not in use.”

I personally enjoy the way that the first two pictures seem to show discharge residues that cross a seam— underwear gussets are nowhere near the right spot for my anatomy; my own blots and smears always hit forward of the seam. Underwear manufacturers take note! Do you actually test these things, and collect specimens of new panty designs, slightly worn?

Separately, I really like abstract shapes and automatic art. Smudges on cleaning cloths, smears of vaginal discharge, ink blots, blood stains, all that. I hope this Panty Action Painting blog lives for a while longer.

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