April 26, 2005

Teaching the World to Pee

The restrooms.org tutorial explaining how women can pee standing through wit and skill now redirects to a commercial site selling devices to help women pee standing.

A friend pretty much summed up my reaction to this with, “Better to teach a man to pee, than to, err, give him pee for a day?”

So I’ve taken it upon myself to teach you how to pee standing, device-free, in the manner I first learned from restrooms.org.

To complete your urinary education, I recommend Yimay’s instructive and entertaining strategies for using squat toilets.

For extra credit, contemplate Justin Hall’s old analysis of splashy Scandinavian toilets, which was, I believe, my first bookmark filed under “toilet”. (For real extra credit, send me links from your own toilet bookmarks!)

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