April 01, 2005

Science Fiction and Fantasy Issue

Now online:

The Vaginal Science Fiction and Fantasy zine of Spring 2005!

Interviews, a board game, poetry, discussion, and tons of links to downloadable goodies and interesting reading.

Let me know how you like it!

And a strange news item that is fit for April Fool's Day, but unfortunately is not a joke:

Due to the influence of blocks of conservative school districts in the southern US, “right now, a sex ed textbook that isn’t ‘abstinence only’ cannot be bought in the United States. Not a current one, not from any major publisher. There are inroads against evolution as well, but sex ed has basically been exterminated. Again, the don’t-have-sex strategy in sex ed doesn’t accomplish anything it might be intended to do; it results neither in informed kids nor safe ones.”

Robin wants to know if you can prove this wrong. I hope that Heather Corrina’s upcoming book of comprehensive youth sex ed makes its way into classrooms soon!

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