March 27, 2005

hot cream curiosity: satisfied

Hey, thanks to everybody who sent in suggestions on enjoying hot shaving cream at home. I managed to sample a hot lather–enhanced, home bikini treatment by pre-heating a can of shaving cream in a sink of hot water for 5 minutes.

Given the standard “Do not heat this can! It will explode and disfigure you and your loved ones.” warnings on compressed shaving cream, I was relieved to escape my indulgent hot lather unscathed, and I can’t in good conscience recommend this heating method to the home audience.

Fortunately, as many people emailed me, there are zillions of little hot lather appliances that hold a can of shaving cream and safely heat the contents for you. How this bypasses the explosion warnings I don’t know, but nevertheless I trust the machines more than the naked physics of my hot sink.

And yes, a lap full of hot lather is as awesome as I suspected. I’m a real sucker for anything related to hot water!

New lazy request for my helpful readers: what can I heat up besides shaving cream? I don’t like the way it smells, and I don’t particularly care for shaving my bikini line. I’m interested in the hot lather lap purely for an indulgent sensory experience. It would be awesome if I could add select essential oils to some foamy, unscented base lather. Whipped lotion? Send me your suggestions, I will report back.

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