March 15, 2005

Word of the Day: Monolith

Today is the deadline for submissions to the upcoming Science Fiction & Fantasy zine here at All About My Vagina. If you’ve been tempted to contribute something, do it now and think later.

The sf issue is shaping up to be relatively article-free, both in terms of being multimedia instead of text, and in terms of being sparsely populated. A few monolithic entries.

This pleases me. You may have noticed that I’m not terribly inclined towards writing lately (sound of wind blowing through recent blog archives). When I started this website, I thought of it as an object, not as a written work. I’m much more interested in objects than text. Especially in monoliths, and creations of ridiculous scale or detail. Posting non-text contributions in this zine is going to be fun!

All of this to say, mainly, send in your vaginal science fiction needlepoint/dictionary/road trip/monolith/whatever.

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