October 31, 2004

Period Pieces

Happy Halloween, everyone!

This would be the logical time to dump my collection of vaginal costume links upon you. If your town is anything like my town, Halloween is one big excuse to dress slutty (sexy nurse, sexy devil, sexy zombie, sexy homicidal clown, et cetera). These costumes are more direct yet less revealing. Where are the slutty vulva costumes? Let me know if you find them.

(Aside: I don't wear the slutty costumes. I favour a full-coverage monkey jumpsuit.)

These giant genitals from a production of Lysistrata are orders of magnitude more lovely than the cheap felt “vagina” (i.e., vulva) costumes available this Halloween. (The costume that made the news last year for resulting in a high school suspension is somewhere in between).

Most menstrual product costumes seem to have activist intentions (promotional menstrual cup dress, Statue of Liberty made from tampon applicators…), but this box of Tampax and this bloody tampon seem to be just for fun. Hooray!

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