October 25, 2004

Hot bodies

Lots of email about the new shop! I love how responsive and thoughtful myvag readers are. I've managed to respond to most of my email personally, but thanks to everybody who is sending comments and suggestions!

One thing that has come up is the lack of t-shirt sizes for fat chicks and guys. Loving body diversity and being inclusive is a big deal to me (one of the first t-shirt designs features asymmetrical labia!), so I'd like to expand on the little note in the t-shirt section that says “more sizes coming soon.”

I'm starting with two sizes only because I can't immediately afford to order cases of more sizes, not because I want to ignore people who don't fit into sizes M and L or because I don't think everyone deserves to wear hot, vagina-related fashions. I'm ordering t-shirts in wholesale quantities, partly so that I can use local screenprinters, and this is just the limit of my start-up capital. These sizes will fit a wide range of women, but it is true that they won't fit onto a lovely size 18 or 22.

So, my apologies to the folks who can't fit into these t-shirts yet! I'm not trying to make excuses here, I just want you to know that I have thought about this, and more sizes really are on the way.

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