October 24, 2004

Attention Myvag Shoppers

I made vagina-related t-shirts! So far there is one style that loverman's grandmother has declared suitable for “very bold women,” and one that several people have suggested is “subtle enough that no one has to know it is a labia reference” (for you subversively cute folks out there).

There is also a section of free downloads for your homemade vagina-related creations!

Shopping is a new (but carefully implemented) feature on All About My Vagina, so do let me know how you like it. And please, have no concerns about packages marked VAGINA. All transactions and mail are marked with my freshly minted business name, Myvag Enterprises.

Incidentally, did you know that here on the left coast of Canada, attempts to name a business “All About My Vagina” will be promptly censored? Odd but true— my government prefers the silly abbreviation “vag.”

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