October 16, 2004

Case Closed!

It is midnight! The contest in the Food & Cuisine zine has turned back into a pumpkin and no more entries will be accepted.

Out of everyone who entered, only one person correctly matched all four vaginal odors as described by wine connoisseurs with their proper owners (I really never get tired of describing this contest. Wine buffs! Sniffed panties! And not in a pervy way!).

The lack of correct answers is a little disappointing, but I'm proud of everybody's valiant efforts. I'll be drawing the other four winners from the large pool of people who guessed half right. For some reason, I previously announced that the winners would be announced on November 1, so that is indeed when they will be announced. (I'm pretty reliable since coming back from that year and a half hiatus…)

For now, sleep tight.

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