October 15, 2004

For the children

Is there anything funnier than a sex toy sale in honour of the NHL lockout? (I say “the NHL lockout” like I knew it was happening before there was a sex toy sale in its honour. Ha!)

Maybe one funnier thing is vintage sex education. Maybe. These mp3 excerpts from an old Christian sex instruction LP stirred up all my inner conflicts about silly, uptight sex education, which I got more conflicted about when I tried to explain here.

I'm a recovering, recovering Catholic school girl who was never spiritual, meaning I am a bit paranoid that I haven't gotten over my youthful anti-Christian backlash. Religious excuses for inaccurate sex education are completely absurd to me. This can be alternately funny or depressing, but I don't want to be a jerk by finding it too funny, and I do want people to be able to believe whatever they want to. That is too boring to elaborate upon very much— practically everybody wants to respect other people's beliefs, at least officially.

I think I can carefully take refuge in wanting people to be able to believe whatever they want to— what about those religious teenagers who wonder if anal sex could be loving and worthwhile? I want them to be able to decide for themselves. That is why I try to answer my email.

Final note: today is your last chance to enter the contest to win the fabulous herbal prize of your choice! You probably want to brag to your friends that you won nipple gel by correctly matching vaginal odors with their creators.

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