October 11, 2004

The Lube That Crept Into My Heart

For practical reasons, I'm almost universally in favour of personal lubricants and lubricated sex. Lubes make any sex safer by reducing the chances of skin being rubbed raw. Latex compatible lubricants reduce the chances of latex condoms breaking. Lubrication makes penetration easier, and for a lot of people, makes sex more pleasurable. Lube is one of the top 3 recommendations on my All About My Vagina FAQ. Yay for lube.

However, I myself usually find lube sloppier than I'd like. My preferred method of clitoral stimulation during partner sex is technically called “clitoral seizure and excursion” (!), which means I rub my clit on my partner's pubic bone during face to face sex. This relies on some friction, and excessive or misplaced lube, even the stuff I naturally produce, can actually make orgasms much more difficult for me.

So, it is something of a triumph for me to have found a lubricant that stays put. How does it stick where I put it, without feeling sticky? How does it stay slippery, without sliding all over the place? My introduction to oil based lubricant has thoroughly spoiled me on glycerin lubes, so it's lucky that I don't rely on latex for safety or contraception these days.

For curious parties today, I offer a review of Super Stroke It! personal lubricant. It was designed as a masturbation cream, so even latex users could partake when stroking solo.

Incidentally, there are just four days left in which to enter to win Super Stroke It! or another prize of your choice in the Vaginal Food & Cuisine issue.

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