October 06, 2004

Urinary Fun Factory

A distant friend of mine was telling me today about his strategies for dealing with temporary reverse incontinence (he tells the urine, “Get out of me!”), so I was telling him about my adventures using Pee-Zee to pee standing.

He claimed to be surprised that this device didn't come with different nozzle attachments. Of course! Why stop at making a tool simply useful? Why not add features that purely enhance the experience?

We determined that it would be ideal to combine a stand-to-pee aid with a Play-Doh Fun Factory, allowing a woman who wants to pee standing to further control her urine stream by setting it to a fine mist, for example, or a wide flat stream, multiple small streams, a rotini spiral, or my favorite, two streams that angle out to the sides in case you need to pee on two people at once.

It has only become apparent as I've been typing this that I am describing a serious watersports accessory. Perhaps the fetish market could justify production of my silly toy. I've gotten kind of attached to the ridiculousness of peeing a fine mist!

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