October 05, 2004

Easy Pee-Zee

I've discussed ways for women to pee standing a fair bit over the years, but today is the first time I'm posting anything specific about a device to help women pee standing. I got my Pee-Zee in the mail last week, and it's been nothing but fun and adventure in the bathroom since then.

Historically, I'm not much for devices, but I'm coming around. Fingers and skills may be free and easier to carry, but cheap and useful gear can be a great democratizer. Peeing standing up is so much fun, and so useful in scuzzy bathrooms and other common situations that I've decided I'm in favour of products that can help even the laziest women stand to pee. (Also, sometimes I enjoy being lazy.)

P.S., Another easy and rewarding pursuit is to enter the contest from the Food Issue. You have until October 15th to guess whose vaginal odor is whose!

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