September 28, 2004


Today has been a day of synchronous coincidences, so to top it of (for me), I present (to you), reviews of two books that are definitely in sync.

Flowering Woman and Red Flower are both books about menstruation published in 1988, with a pan-spiritual, feminist bent. I borrowed both of them from the extensive menstrual literature collection of my late, lovely mother-in-sin, who created Many Moons reusable menstrual pads.

More abstractly, both of these books have floral titles, evoking images of spring. But currently it is fall. Both of these books suggest that menstruation is about renewal and growth, not death and decay. Spring vs. fall.

Asynchronously, I thought one of these books sucked— can you guess which one? That is a hard thing to guess, given that anything with a pan-spiritual, feminist bent usually drives me nuts. Which one didn't make me crazy?

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