September 20, 2004

Make Out Drugs?

The packaging and marketing of birth control pills has been my own personal intriguing car wreck for several years. I just switched to a third brand of pills, so my fascination/revulsion has been rekindled.

When I was picking up my prescription at clinic reception, I commented that all pill logos seem to look like people making out (witness my new brand, Marvelon). Several of the receptionists and volunteers called out jokes about Alesse. I think the Alesse logo is supposed to suggest some sort of dancing, sweeping-off-feet action, but I like to view it as a pink person seated, with a green person trying to straddle the pink face by leaning on one hand.

In searching for pill logos to link to, I've noticed that the packaging seems to vary a lot by region. I can't get Alesse in the coveted circular compacts, but that's the only way they are pictured on the internet. I got Alesse in these goofy, sage green checkbook things. Also, no one seems to use the entangled limb logo on the internet.

What region am I in, that I get bombarded with make-out logos and totally counter-intuitive, rectangular blister packs?

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