July 30, 2004

Third Wave

A third wave of Vaginal Arts & Crafts:

1. April Cooper's Yoni Endeavor, including sculpture, digital art, her blog, and lots of writing and resources.

2. Greg O'Keefe has been kind enough to label the yonic congruence of the Dodge trucks logo. I love comparisons between the female reproductive tract and the heads of bovine livestock. Every uterus diagram I saw in school seemed carefully crafted to be as much like a cow head as possible, and consequently it was several years before I figured out that my entire reproductive tract is only a few inches long. I am not the only one! My friend Emily was remarking the other day that she was appalled the first time a gynecologist palpated her ovaries… way down between her hip bones and not in line with her navel or ribs the way they would be if they were anywhere near the scale of a cow head.

3. Not quite an art or craft project, but still a make-at-home activity: the Canadian Women's Health Network has some great new posters to print out. They take on a couple of my pet peeves— direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs, menstrual suppression drugs, and family violence (this last one being rather more than a peeve). See also their huge list of women's health resources. Researching your own health concerns is very DIY, and thus I consider it worthy of inclusion in a crafty appendix.

4. Related to vaginas in only the most abstract ways, but definitely crafty: I've received my copy of the forthcoming Knitty book! It sparked an involved conversation about knitting and vaginas with the staff of my post box outlet. They were generally in favour of both.

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