July 17, 2004

Let's make beautiful music together

Xiu Xiu was in town last night (hooray!), and Victoria's #1 dive bar really turned on the jets. On top of the usual loud, chatty crowd, we had people making out all across the front of the stage, a variety of absurd heckling between songs (“Show us your boobs!”) and an amazing, dreadlocked metalhead from Fernwood chanting “PCP” and barking.

Despite all that, I do declare that both performers displayed admirable focus and friendliness, and furthermore that frontman Jamie Stewart could teach etiquette classes about how gay male musicians should respond when asked to contribute songs about vaginas to my upcoming Music Issue. Charm and tact! None of the “What do vaginas have to do with me?” that some of my friends would have expected.

Perhaps he recognized that we were all made in vagina, or maybe he was just being nice. In the most far-fetched possibility, Mr. Stewart is aware that men have vestigial vaginas attached to their bladders.

My real point is: see how easy it is to ask your preferred bands to think about vagina songs? Even if they might have no interest in the subject, chances are they will at least be polite. If you notify any musicians about the upcoming vagina music extravaganza, you should let me know. Your own lists, lyrics, songs, field recordings and rockumentaries are most welcome, too.

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