July 02, 2004


For the crafty sorts in the audience who have finished with the Arts & Crafts issue, an appendix:

1. Art by Betsy Davis. Acrylic doily-type yonic things. I think my favorite is Blue White Pink Silver.

2. Sex and the Knitty is out! Some of the lingerie looks great, but I have to say that I am supremely disappointed that the editor has chosen to include a tampon case in the sex issue, complete with “no one must know your terrible secret” introduction. What do tampons and periods have to do with sex? Nothing, except that both have been declared naughty.

But. The tampon case is really cute.

3. A silly knitted tampon spoof on Craftster happily revealed that I am not the only person who thinks that homemade cloth tampons could be a good idea.

I'm starting full-time classes on Monday, for three weeks. Updates will probably be sparse. Perhaps this will be a good time for you to focus on your brilliant submissions to the upcoming zine issues?

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