June 25, 2004

Menstral week?

The Music zine is coming up (eventually), and I've been fantasizing about rockumentaries. If you are a budding film maker with an interest in rag time music or songs about gynecology, you should really get in touch with me.

Really, you should get in touch with me if you can even think of any songs about vaginas (Little Red Corvette, Brown Sugar, and Pink do not add up to a satisfactory list. I need something to bump Pink.), or especially if you have written a song about vaginal adventures. Even something instrumental called “Ambient Noise (Bikini Wax Mix).”

Songs about periods are a little easier to come by, but many of them are about the same quality as “The Menstral Album. ” Menstral. Maybe I'll turn up a treasure trove of vigina songs.

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