June 21, 2004

Sudden onset

This month, in the haze that followed posting the Arts & Crafts zine, I mixed up my birth control pills. This is a more and more frequent occurence—I seem to be convinced that after 5 years of not ovulating my ovaries would take several weeks to get it together to spit out an egg even if I quit the pills entirely. I doubt this attitude would fly with my gynecologist. Maybe it means I'm ready for a different method of birth control, that I don't hate so much.

In any case, I took the appropriate steps as prescribed in the package insert, and consequently I finished my pack a day earlier than usual. My tiny, clockwork period arrived a day early and really confused me. I thought I had heat stroke or something, until I mentally connected the aches and mild nausea with period time.

More to the point, you know what this means: another week of period-related updates here in the weird world of my vagina. For starters, I'm rounding out the menstrual products section with a page about sponge tampons.

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