June 18, 2004

Weekend links

Sex week has been pretty low on links so far, despite being almost 2 weeks long. I'm taking that as my excuse for posting assorted new links that I've added around the site. These are probably not work-safe, unless you have a fabulous job, but it is Friday. Consider these weekend links. (And I promise, this week really will end soon.)

The Patches Place Watersports Training Manual covers basic safety, tips, and ideas in a fun, loving tone. (Linked from smutty peeing.)

Vulvology is a big collection of erotic photos and digital images of diverse vulvas. (Linked from images.)

For whatever reason, I don't seem to have previously linked to Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex, a site expanding the book of the same name by Katharine Gates. It is an educational site about fetishes.

And something that may yet get added to the Arts & Crafts zine, acrylic sculptures by Betsy Davis.

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