June 12, 2004

Master Baker

Maybe you noticed the new book review yesterday: Sex For One, probably my favorite book about masturbation.

Today I updated the single most useless, outdated, and heavily accessed page on the site, about my G-spot. For me, my G-spot is mostly a masturbation game, so this update seems a fitting companion for the Sex For One review. My sex life this week has been all about masturbation anyway. I'm really into it right now! (Hello, people who know me in real life! This is what you get for reading about my vagina on the internet!)

The pages about piercings and abortion have recently been fixed up to a passable level of quality, so this G-spot update fixes the last item on my list of things that really embarrassed me about this site. Hooray! Please send your suggestions of other pages on the site that dishonour my family with their lameness.

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