June 08, 2004

Welcome to Sexy Town

I like looking at my visitor stats and noting how zine articles accompanied by a thumbnail image of anatomy are a billion times more popular than those accompanied by a picture of, say, a book. I can tell you are hungry for racy content.

Perhaps because I've been a lot more public with my website in my personal life, trying to get friends to contribute to the zine and so on, it has been a long time since anything pervy got posted on here. I think it is high time to declare Sex Week officially underway! This might even last two weeks.

To start things off, I've fixed up the main sex page with some new links and a more comprehensive index, and done the same to the sex positions. Now I am going out to play Frisbee (after a fashion), and when I get home I'm going to see how many silly positions I can write up for having sex using toes and armpits and other body parts.

Update: The answer is 1, about armpits!

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