May 07, 2004

What is Art Garfunkle?

I'm readjusting pretty slowly to life back outside the car. Roadtrips are an altered state that I get used to very easily, apparently. Vagina obsession proves to be even more difficult to shake. Some observations I've made in the last little while:

  • Pressing seams open (when sewing) is very suggestive of cunnilingus.
  • Art Garfunkle is like the clitoris of Simon & Garfunkle. He is pure in purpose: harmony only.
  • Where the surf breaks close to shore and mixes up all the sand and debris, it reminds me of vaginas: messy, wet, powerful, busy, awesome.

I'm not even obsessed on purpose!

I'm about to leave town again for a few days (this time vacation will hopefully not be accompanied by major site service outages), but am preparing a triumphant return. The Arts & Crafts issue approacheth!

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