April 17, 2004

Say, 7 out of 11

I've been reading a lot of books about vaginas and related topics. It's part of the plan to turn this site up to 11. The first leak out of my bookworm brain and into your lives is just in time to cap off contraception week.

To inaugurate the shiny new "reviews" section of the site, I've written up my thoughts about a funny book from the 1970s, about the history of contraception. There are surprisingly few books that cover the topic broadly (there are a few more dealing specifically with the pill, or specifically with the fight to legalize birth control in America).

I'm not entirely pleased with the review as written, but I'm going to let it stand for now. In future, I'm aiming to write more about my experience with the books, with less posing as a book critic or book reporter. For now though, there is a haircut happening in my kitchen and other pressing matters. See you next week.

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