September 09, 2002


All of these pages are here for you, but I will be in incubation mode for awhile, devising new projects and new parts for this one. You can see what I am currently making at The Aloha Misc. Media House.

For the last year or so I have been reading more of the "real world" and "sex positive" sexuality sites that are out there and I think it has sucked me into trying to cover every possible positive sexuality factoid in All About My Vagina. All Of Everything We Are All Now Supposed to Know About Vaginas.

Methinks that should stop, and I need to regroup for a moment before I do the fixing up and the remembering to focus on the bits of ideas and knowledge that help a person have vaginas in his or her life; where vaginas, their functions and activities can fit in for maximum funness and usefulness. I know that most of the site is still like that, but I'm having trouble making more right now.

So, instead I am knitting hats. I apologize in advance if I just can't answer your email. Sometimes it happens.

Oh! Also, someone has gone to the trouble of starting to translate this site into Chinese for your convenience!

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