February 23, 2002

links & pee

Greetings. The new content today is the flushed backlog of links that I have accumulated since the last festive season (not all of them made it through the filter). It is also an indication that I am not dead.

I've been making a point of answering recent site email, and I think the FAQ is working. All of the questions and comments in the last while have been exceedingly eenteresting and unpredictable. Thanks to everybody who takes the time to write! Further, I think that bringing up borderline sexual topics such as the whole pee discussion really brings you thoughtful and creative folks out of the woodwork. I don't mean that as a challenge to people who are delightful & insightful but don't pee on their lovers. I think I just mean: let's talk more about weird sex! But not tonight; it's late and I'm a little sauced.

Luveys, Sarah

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