December 30, 2001


Hey, happy holidays again. Please find attached a lovely link all about birth control pills from the lovely miss rja. I am never satisfied with pill information, and this article satisfied me. As you may infer, it is quite long. Meaty, even.

In other meaty reading, a whole lot about pee. This really is a primary function of my vagina and its satellite organs, and the single page that has been representing the topic has now been justly exploded into a whole set of subjects. Including, for those who have been waiting around for some time, smut.

I think the updates have returned to smut topics overall. I hope that is ok with everything. I think it is partly because I left a lot of the sex talk until last, so there is a bit of a backlog of things that I know. As always though, if you have suggestions for additions, sexual or otherwise, do tell.

The other day, for whatever reason, I suddenly remembered this really embarrassing and inane song that I made up as a youngun, to the tune of the theme song from the Gummi Bears cartoon on tv. It is a pervy song, that I used to sometimes get in my head while masturbating. Embarrassing! Now boy wants me to sing it for him. I don't.

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