November 16, 2001

I Feel Free

The latest page is up. It is about free bleeding, with no products at all. Yeah. Don't be scared; it is not a flake-out page. I do refer to "gusts" of blood though, I think as a diminuitive form of "gush."

Since the new pages tend to appear sporadically, you can now sign up to get special email specifically to let you know when there is new content. A fun surprise arriving at random! No one will know you get email from My Vagina unless they share your inbox.

As well, I've emptied my stockpile of recent links onto the links list. Thanks to folks who send me pointers to neat sites. I never go looking for any and this makes it look like I'm sort of on top of what's going on in the world of responsible online sexuality resources.

That's about all. I'm saving up other things I want to write in the hopes that they will come out as full pages instead of wimpy little blurbs on the front page. The thing is that the website is currently sitting behind fully four other activities on my list of things to do, and two of those things are: find a place to live, find a job now that I'm done school. Time-consuming things, especially concurrently. I dream about looking at suites. Those are the most painful dreams to have, where you dream you've found something really great that you need in real, waking life, and then you wake up. Poo!

Oh, I know what else. My friend Emily is going to make a site All About Her Ass, specifically about her bum disease, which is ulcerative colitis. It will be the sister to this site, which I think is quite fitting since you rarely see an illustration of a vagina without the anus also labelled.

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