September 27, 2001


There are three new links today, but no new pages yet. Things I have been doing instead of writing about my vagina: going to school, working, editing someone else's masters thesis, making "issues" better with special boy, moving a million times, calming my gramma down about the fact that my parents live in the largest muslim country in the world where a fair portion of the population is already understandably hostile towards people who look american, and now little outbreaks of car bombing and whatnot are increasing. Probably my parents will come home for awhile.

Anyway, links: a place to buy fun stuff, a place full of birth control, and a vaginal exercise device. All of them have snappy, easy to remember dot com names too.

Things I have observed on the vagina front during the busy bee hive of activity this past month:

  • I used to prefer clitoral stimulation that was basically vertical, on either side and over the middle. Suddenly in the last week or so I am all about circles. During touching or kissing, circles circles. I don't know why this just struck me but it is a widespread preference among women in general. Maybe I'm becoming a natural woman.
  • I really hate being on birth control pills and I think I might stop. The thing is I think I would probably go back on them later, so I want to ask a doctor about the side-effects of on-again-off-again-ness, besides weight fluctuations and acne (hooray).

I think that's all for now. Do check out the new additions to the Moxie network and see if you like them.

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